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Q0: How to contact you?

A: Use the "Conact us" option on the main menu, or the social communication button at the bottom of the page.

Q1: What is IPTV?

A: Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content via the internet. 

Q2: What devices do I need to watch your IPTV Services?

A: IPTV is supported by many devices; however, we recommend using the MAG/ STB/Dreamlink/Formula/set-top boxes, Android Products, Apple Products and Amazon Products because they are more stable for IPTV streaming

Q3: Do you offer trials?

A: No. Unfortunately, to protect our existing customer from spammer, we stopped that option.

Q4: Do I need any special equipment for IPTV?

A: No. Only the device of your choice and an IPTV subscription is needed.

Q5: What type of internet connection do I need for IPTV?

A: We recommend that you connect to the internet via Ethernet connection for a faster and reliable streaming experience. Also, the internet connection speed should be 12mb/s or higher.  

Q6: Can I run the same subscription on multiple devices?

A: Each IPTV Service Subscription varies. There is a limit of one (1) device per subscription unless stated otherwise by the IPTV Service Provider.

Q7: Why is my subscription buffering/freezing?

A: Freezing or buffering may be caused by one of the following:

  • INTERNET CONNECTION: Test your internet connection speed. We recommend connecting your device via the Ethernet connection as Wi-Fi connections tend to drop signals. Reset Your Modem and Router then reconnect the device. IF the problem persists, please contact your internet service provider.
  • DEVICE LAG: Reboot the device or perform a soft reset on the device if freezing or buffering occurs for 5 minutes or longer. 
  • DEVICE UPDATE: Your device may be performing an update in the background. Allow the device to update. Restart the device once the update is completed then reconnect the device to the internet. 

Q8: Can I switch from one server to another?

A: You can only switch between servers if you purchase multiple IPTV servers subscriptions at a time. Once your account is created and activated, it cannot be changed in the database. Please make sure the information you provide is correct before you process your order. 

Q9: What method of payment do you accept?

A: We accept payment via PayPal.

Q10: What is your refund/cancellation policy?

A: Please see our cancellations & refunds policy page here

Q11: What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? 


A1: A VPN provides an encrypted connection to the Internet which will protect your privacy and allow for anonymous streaming, browsing and downloading of files.


A2: A VPN will mask your IP address and make it impossible for your Internet Service Provider, government, hackers, and other organizations to monitor and track what you are doing online.  This is extremely important for those who use STREAMING APPLICATIONS such as Netflix, KODI, or any other app that provides free movies, tv shows, live channels, etc.


A3: A recent law passed within the United States now allows Internet Service Providers to sell customer browsing, streaming, and download logs to third parties.  Again, a VPN will protect users from this invasion of privacy.


Q12: Do I need to use a VPN Service for IPTV?

A1: If you want your online activity to be secure and anonymous, then a VPN would be the best available option to use while streaming media online through an IPTV Service Provider.

A2: If you live in a country where your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocks the streaming of IPTV, then you would need to use a VPN.


Example of Copyright Infringement Notice by Internet Service Provider


This is the warning that your Internet Service Provider will issue if they don’t like what you are streaming.

A VPN will prevent this from happening because your Internet logs will be invisible to them.


Q 13: What is an EPG?

A: Electronic programming guides (EPG) is menu-based systems that provide users of television, radio and other media applications with continuously updated menus that display scheduling information for current and upcoming broadcast programming (most commonly, TV listings). Some guides also feature backward scrolling to promote their catch up content. They are commonly known as guides or TV guides.

Q 14: Do your subscription have EPG?

A: Yes, we provide a high quality EPG for a lot of channels.


Q 15: How many devices ?

A: You can configure your subscription on any number of your devices, but use only one at the same time. The Portal (MAG) subscription can not be used togother with an m3u subscription.