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How to solve EPG time problem on Formuler Z

How to correct EPG time on the Formuler Z box?

At times, users are experiencing Epg out of sync issue due to timezone differences.

Please follow the steps below to change EPG mode and adjust EPG offset to get correct timeline on EPG.

📝Applicable models: ✅ Mytvonline 1 models

  1. Mytvonline 1 > Settings > Manual EPG Offset
  2. Figure out how far off the EPG is wrong for your time zone and try +/- that number in the offset
  3. Check if the EPG data is lined-up correclty

📝Applicable models: ✅ Mytvonline 2 models

  1. Mytvonline 2 > Connections > Current portal - Edit
    - Scroll down to the bottom and change EPG mode to UTC or Normal
    - Scroll down to the bottom and set EPG offset if necessary
  2. Press UPDATE
  3. Check if the EPG data line-up is correct